Services and Rates

Introductory Sessions (New Clients Only)

Package of 2 Sessions for $97 (applied to cost of the Fearlessly Authentic Life Program should we decide we are a good fit to work together and you are looking to transform your life)

Higher Brain Living® Fearlessly Authentic Life Program

22 Sessions for $2,000

This is for people looking for serious transformation in the four dimensions of their consciousness/life: mind, body, relationships and environment. I only work with clients that are as committed to their personal growth and transformation as I am committed to guiding you through the process. This involves showing up weekly on time for 22 sessions, doing your homework, and a twice-daily personal practice.

Maintenance Package of 10 Sessions

10 Sessions for $790

For Clients after they have completed the Fearlessly Authentic Life Program if they want more juice.

Higher Brain Living® Tier 4 Awakenings One, Two and Three Program


This Program is for those that want to go way beyond the Fearlessly Authentic Life Program into the depths of their being. This Program is only available after completing the Fearlessly Authentic Life Program and possibly more sessions. Everyone is different and ready at different times.

One Full Day of Awakening called Higher Brain Living® Shift Immersion

$247 (includes lunch, materials and on-going support) for new clients
$190 (includes lunch, materials and on-going support) for existing Fearlessly Authentic Life Program® clients

This is an INTENSE 10-hour day that is a DEEP dive into experiencing your Transcendent Self.

These are offered once a month on a Saturday. While they are open to anyone, these are really for the serious seeker that wants to stop seeking and start finding. It is best if you have done at least the Introductory Sessions before doing one of these immersions so that your nervous system has a clue what is going on.

Hourly Coaching & Consulting