Higher Brain Living®

I have many tools that I use in guiding a client through the awakening process, but the technology that I use to get the energy to the correct part of the brain is called Higher Brain Living®. This is a gentle touch technique that uses the bodies own internal energy system to cause a rapid surge of energy to the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This is the part of the brain that lit up when EEG studies were done by Richard Davidson on Tibetan meditators.   Many personal growth tools such as yoga and meditation bring energy to the prefrontal cortex, but the Higher Brain Living® technique causes the prefrontal cortex to be flooded with a huge quantity of energy.

The prefrontal cortex is the latest most evolved part of the brain and we currently use only 5%-10% of its potential. This is the part of the brain the holds our untapped potential. When it is energized, your untapped potential is unleashed. We refer to the prefrontal cortex and the other structures of the brain that get energy as the Higher Brain. I will use Higher Brain and Thriving Brain synonymously.

The brain evolved in layers and the oldest most primitive part of our brain, we call the lower brain. This is the part of our brain that is responsible for fight, flight and freeze. I will use lower brain and Survival Brain synonymously. This part of the brain evolved when the environment was predator rich…think sabor tooth tigers. We needed this part of the brain to keep us safe back then, but today our environment for most of us is pretty safe, so we only need this part of the brain if we are in REAL danger. We do not need fight, flight or freeze except when there is an ACTUAL threat to our survival. What our lower brain perceives as a threat today are situations like when someone pulls out in front of you, your partner disagrees with you, your boss is difficult etc. etc. etc……the same cascade of stress hormones goes off in your body as if a sabor tooth tiger was chasing you! Stress is at epidemic levels in our society. Stress compromises the immune system and disease happens.

The good news is that you can’t be in your Survival Brain and your Thriving Brain at the same time! During a Higher Brain Living® session energy, oxygen and metabolism will be diverted from the Survival Brain to the Thriving Brain. Once you are out of your Survival Brain, you are free to experience insight, creativity, joy, peace…you are free to Thrive! Back when we were primitive people, we really didn’t need joy and peace, we needed to Survive. To the lower brain SAMENESS = SAFETY. So to the lower brain going to the same job everyday that you hate, or staying in the same awful relationship or living in a place you dislike is great because you didn’t die…you survived. Yeah you! Today we want to Thrive, not Survive!

As we evolve as a human species, our brains must evolve as well. We have been given the prefrontal cortex for a reason, but yet we are only using a tiny fraction of its potential. Why?

It is like having a brand new shiny Mac in our head that we are not using. Most personal growth and transformation systems try to effect change in behavior by changing the “software” that runs on the brain. Over long periods of time changing the software running on the brain can make changes to the brain. The problem is that to permanently make change, this requires a lot of discipline to stick with meditation, yoga, etc. long enough to effect the desired change. Higher Brain Living® takes the opposite approach. The “hardware” the brain is changed directly by flooding the prefrontal cortex repeatedly for 22 weeks. This creates the physiology for rapid, sustainable and permanent change.

Once the energy is in the correct part of your brain, it will dissipate if it is not associated with something. You will be making resolutions from your own Thriving Brain to create forward momentum in your life in the direction of your dreams. You will be taught how to energize your own Higher Brain. This means you will have a tool to use ANYTIME you feel yourself being pulled down the rabbit hole of your lower brain. Plus, you will establish a twice-daily practice to add additional juice to the Higher Brain.

You will record and organize your progress in a guidebook that is part of the Fearlessly Authentic Life Program®. I will be your primary guide through this process, but the guidebook is your at-home guide and an extremely useful tool to take seriously.

I use the Higher Brain Living® System because it is effective, efficient and elegant.

Awakening Guide

I shudder to think of the amount of money I have spent on my own personal growth and evolution, and believe me, it was all fun. If I had known there was a short cut to achieve the same result, I would have taken it. I will use all the tools I know to guide you through the awakening process. I have quite a few tools in the old tool belt and I am not afraid to use them!