My Story

I have been a seeker for most of my life, with my real questioning beginning at the age of 17 when I was first introduced to yoga. After many years of trying to conform to society and feeling conflicted, I returned to the yoga path at age 36. I continued seeking, becoming a certified hatha and kundalini yoga teacher, a reiki master teacher and an ordained Interfaith Minister.

In 2013, my whole perspective on seeking, awakening and enlightenment changed when I travelled to the Oneness University for an Advanced Awakening Course in India with a group of 54 ministers from the United States.

My knowledge and experience with the process of awakening deepened in 2014 when I became an Advanced Higher Brain Living® Facilitator and then again in 2015 when I became a Mastery Level Higher Brain Living® Facilitator.

My first introduction to Higher Brain Living® was when I saw a live demonstration of the technique. Just like when my spine vibrated after one kundalini yoga class and I signed up to be trained as a kundalini yoga teacher, I knew I had to learn this technique because I felt the energy shift in the room into the heart space. I knew this was for real because I felt it. I just knew.

I took the training and had major shifts during the training. One of my first experiences with it was that I was able to see directly into my subconscious mind and see all my fears and limiting beliefs. I could not believe that all that was in there, especially after spending the last 12 years of my life doing every modality and training under the sun. I made personal growth and development into a full-time job. How can THAT still be in there! No, there must be some mistake. I already RELEASED that!

After the training, I took some time for integration, which is really important during this process. I then did the 6 month Program as a client, so that I could experience more growth and know what it was like to be a client going through the program. I went to Mexico for the Higher Brain Living® Retreat given by the founder and had another awakening experience that was very similar to my first one in India. I very clearly heard, “how many more of these experiences do you need to have before you actually do something to help the planet?” Ok, I get it. No more experience junky.

I personally have never experienced such rapid and sustainable transformation in my years of seeking and I have witnessed the transformation of many other people that have made the journey to their Authentic Self and are living the life of their dreams by using the Higher Brain Living® System.