Welcome to the Art and Science of Awakening!

_DSC8361-webWhat is awakening anyway? Awakening is a shift in awareness/consciousness. There are awakened states that are temporary and there is awakening that is a permanent shift. Awakening is a process that unfolds at different rates for everyone. There are ways to accelerate the process and to slow it down.

What exactly are we awakening to?

The process of awakening is about the journey to discovering the Authentic Self, our true nature. In many ways it is actually a process of unlearning and deprogramming and remembering our true nature.

Why should we want to become awakened? Because until we do, we will be the servant of our mind and live with existential suffering. Sounds bad, what is that? Existential suffering is the craving on a very deep level to know who we are, where we come from and why we are here. It will be very difficult to find true meaning, purpose and passion in our lives until we are awakened and discover our Authentic Self.

We may already have many ideas about who we are, where we come from and why we are here, but knowing something in our minds or believing something is very different from actually experiencing for ourselves who we are, where we come from and why we are here. What we think we already know is the greatest detriment to actual awakening.

As the name of my company implies there is an art and a science to the awakening process. The science part involves an actual neurobiological shift that must occur in your brain. Sounds like science fiction you may be thinking, but alas it is true. Actual energy must get to the correct part of our brains to cause a shift in our consciousness. We can think of our brain as the hardware on which software runs. And, our brain must be turned on in order for awakening to occur. This is the waking up part of the awakening process.

Brain_grey and Yellow_highres-square300pxOnce the right amount of energy gets to the correct part of our brain, it will dissipate unless we do something with it to cause forward momentum in our life. What we do with that energy is where the art part of the awakening process comes in. All the software that runs on your hardware will need to be inspected thoroughly to determine if it still serves us to keep running it or if some new software needs to start running to create the life of our dreams. This is the growing up phase of the awakening process and honestly is the most challenging part for most people. Looking at our own stuff from a detached, compassionate, and honest place takes a lot of courage, persistence and radical curiosity. But, like most challenging things in life that are truly worth doing, the pay off is huge!

The next phase of the awakening process is showing up as your Authentic Self in the world. Most of us hide how awesome we are so that we don’t stick out too much. Ours is a culture of followers. One of the biggest issues in this phase is that we simply care too much what other people think of us. And, other people will react because they are used to us playing a certain role and when we recast ourselves without their permission, well they can feel threatened because most people just do not like, encourage or embrace change.

Having an experienced guide through the awakening process is crucial. While everyone’s process may unfold a little differently, there are remarkably similar stages, milestones and challenges along everyone’s path.

Why do I do this work?

I have come to believe that our only real shot as a human species to survive is for a lot of people to come into much higher states of consciousness fast. And, I am an eternal optimist! We must reach a tipping point soon.

We must do things differently if we expect a different outcome. Every one of us has a Golden Path. A Golden Path is the highest expression of our Authentic Self in this lifetime. Maybe we have seen glimpses of it, have no idea what it is or are on what we believe is our Golden Path. When we discover and embody our Authentic Self, align our life with our Authentic Self and follow our Golden Path, we need to fasten our seatbelt! Rapid and sustainable transformation of our lives and collectively our culture is on the way. This is what I call the shaking it up part of the awakening process.

This is not the planet that I would like my children to inherit. So for me, this is the most important work that I am qualified to do at this time to make the biggest impact on the planet. Plus, it is really fun. I was born with this very curious nature where I actually love change, personal growth and transformation. Pushing the boundaries as to what is possible in a human body is what geeks me out.

My Golden Path is to live in the present moment in my heart in a state of Sat Chit Ananda (Existence, Consciousness and Bliss), my Soul Essence expresses itself on the Earth by creating conscious companies and communities based on innovation, collaboration and healing. I live my life fueled by and infused with meaning, purpose and passion, and I help others to do the same. I fulfill my mission on Earth and I help others to discover their mission.